Rocambolesc Uniforms.


This is a fashion design project which consists on re-designing the uniforms of the Rocambolesc ice cream shop. The complete uniform consists in a denim overall with patches, an apron and a t-shirt.

︎︎︎ Behind the scenes + Sketchbook
︎︎︎ Making process Reel
︎︎︎ 360º view uniform Gif
︎︎︎ Patches Gif
︎︎︎ Apron Gif


There are four Rocambolesc shops placed on different cities in Spain. We designed four different prints inspired on each city. This is why the color of the apron changes depending on which shop you are. (Now you have another excuse to travel and, the most important part, to eat an ice cream!) 

  • Girona: Yellow
  • Barcelona: Green
  • Madrid: Blue (2 shops in Madrid)
  • Alicante: Pink

If you look closely to the print you'll realize that the shapes printed on the apron are actually toppings which you can choose to put on your ice cream. To print the aprons we used the sublimation printing technique.

︎︎︎ OVERALL. 
This is a denim overall with a lot of little details that make a difference. The overalls have the following details:

︎ Strategically printed turn-up on the hem with the corporate colors of                 Rocambolesc, white and red.

︎ Personalized denim buttons. The Rocambolesc logo is engraved on the surface.

︎ Stitched back pockets. Three double stitches referring to the 3 Roca Brothers         which at the same time embellish the pocket.

︎ Laser printed label. Leather laser printed Rocambolesc logo centered on the           back of the waistband.

︎ Patches. We designed four different patches to make it more on a 'Rocambolesc         style', to embellish the overall and to have a solution in hand when a hole       appears. The different shapes are: Rocambolesc Ice cream / Jordi Roca's           face / Jordi Roca's nose / Panet.